Buy Here And Pay Here: The Reality of How Used Car Dealerships Approve Buyers With Low Credit Scores

Buy here pay here dealers approve so many people for car financing, that would otherwise be denied by other dealers. Here are some reality checks of how they approve customers with low credit scores.

Keep in mind that they are not aiming to sell as many vehicles as possible because that would drive them broke. This is because they are using their own money to finance customers so they have a limit of how much money they can use to lend people. This is why they are often with fewer vehicles in stock and hence fewer options.

Many of them end up stretching their money so much that the owners of the dealerships take loans from the banks to be able to have the cash flow to buy more vehicles to lend to customers. This would still be considered in-house direct financing. This is because these outside-banks will not attempt at collecting or taking the vehicles from the customers because

CEOs: Are You Sure You Know Your Financial Condition? Your Financial Statements Are Hiding Risk

Companies that manage risk are safer and more secure, and their financial statements can be relied on. Companies that don’t manage risk are vulnerable and their financials are misleading.

You, as CEO, owe it to yourself to know if your financials are misleading. Your lenders will also be very interested, as well.

You’re showing assets on your balance sheet and the silent promise is that those assets will continue to be there even following a disaster. Also liabilities are shown and, subject to uncontrollable events, those liabilities should not dramatically, suddenly increase, or at least that is the wish of those reviewing your financial statements, and it is your wish as CEO as well. There is no assurance achieved by the audit process that either of these conditions are the case. In fact, companies that do not manage risk may look more profitable in the very short run, because they have reduced short run expenses by ignoring risk management.


Credit History Importance

Before understanding the importance of credit history, it is necessary for you to know what it is.

What is Credit History?

It is also termed as credit report maintains the record of borrowing and repaying money of an individual and it also includes information on whether the person has filed bankruptcy or has history of making late payments. It can be said that your credit report is the compilation of essential information that shows the way you have handled your debts.

When an individual fills out an application for loan from a bank, credit union or any other creditors, the information is supplied to a credit bureau. The bureau finds out the entire financial status report of the applicant, mainly about his outstanding debts retained in the files. Now the bank or the creditors will determine your credit worthiness based on your credit history. Your score will help them to decide whether to approve your loan application or not. So,

A’ Huntin’ We Will Go!

The ‘perfect’ place; whether you’re a first time home hunter, apartment seeker or a veteran buyer, some things never change; we are all looking for the home that seems to fill all of our ‘wish list’ desires, fit our budget and welcome us lovingly.

Finding the perfect home is a process that begins with a clear idea of what is perfect, meets a new companion named reality and changes constantly until you’ve finally arrived at the “This is it!” decision.
It is so much easier to avoid potholes than to dig out and repair the damage from them!

Having spent thirty plus years in the real estate, new construction, remodeling and residential and commercial decorating industries, I have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in almost every process of the ‘perfect’ home search with literally thousands of people, from every walk of life.

Things I learned with and from them are worth a check and review:

Quick Check Steps

a) Take

After the Lovin’

The big DS&E, ‘Divorce, Separation and Endings’, better known as ‘After the Lovin’; if you are blessed enough to never have had this experience you are indeed lucky. Chances are you will at some point in your life when a partner or spouse or someone important dies if nothing else.

Welcome to the rough side of the mountain. Even if it’s your idea, breaking up is hard to do. So many emotions rise to the surface when the change involves an intimate partner. First comes the utter pain of separation; everything, positively everything changes. Unless you are the exception to the rule, even your friends are about to change. Couples make couple friends for the most part. Even the friends who choose your side will still likely be a casualty once you are single and they are not. It is the proverbial cookie crumbling.

Once you have digested the fact that your entire life is going to change something odd